Clinical Decision Making: Endodontics vs Dental Implants



Join us for our first ever Study Club on “Clinical Decision Making: Endodontics vs Dental Implants” in a debate format.

This free event will take place on the 30th of January 2019 from 6-9pm. The Study club is open to all members of the dental team.

All attendees will gain 2.5 verifiable hours CPD credit.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the recent advances in endodontics and dental implantology
  2. Discuss the role of advanced 3D imagining in treatment planning
  3. Discuss the factors that affect the success of surgical and nonsurgical endodontic treatment including re – RCTs
  4. Discus clinical decision making criteria and risk: benefit analysis for endodontic/ implant treatment options
  5. Discuss why simple survival/success criteria may not always be sufficient to make comprehensive clinical treatment plan decisions
  6. Discuss how to assess the strategic value of a tooth when deciding to treat or extract & replace
  7. Discuss patient autonomy in patient-centred evidence-based treatment planning when deciding between endodontics vs extraction and Implant replacements


  • Dr B David Cohen (PhD, MSc, BDS, MFGDP, LDSRCS, CUEW, MEWI, CertMR)

Dr David Cohen is a Specialist Endodontist with over 25 years’ experience and has treated more than 23,000 teeth!

David first became interested in Endodontics in 1976 during a lecture. In order to advance his knowledge in this field he undertook a number of postgraduate courses in the United States at Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry, under the leadership of Dr. Herbert Schilder. In 1981 he commenced part-time postgraduate research in Endodontics, which led to being awarded an MSc in 1984 on the strength of a thesis entitled “An Investigation into the relative merits of some Endodontics Filling Systems”. He was then invited to undertake further research work in 1986, culminating in him being awarded a PhD by the University of Manchester in 1991 on the basis of his thesis entitled “Development and Evaluation of Endodontics Filling and Pulp Capping Materials”. This led to the development of new materials in both areas of root filling and pulp capping and worldwide patents for such materials.

David was admitted to the endodontic specialist register as soon as the register was inaugurated in 1998. He currently holds the position of Honorary Research Associate at Manchester University and has lectured extensively in the UK and USA. He has served as the President of the British Endodontic Society and Chairman and/or executive member of a number of local dental and endodontic associations.

For further information on Dr David Cohen and his referral practice visit:

  • Dr David Speechley (BDS, DMI RCS, Edin, MSc PG Dip Implant Dentistry)

Dr David Speechley restored his first implant in 1990, well before implants became mainstream, predictable and affordable. At that time, there were few (if any) recognised training pathways in dental implantology. In 2003 David gained his Diploma in Medical Informatics from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and became a part-time lecturer at both Liverpool University Dental School and Liverpool University Medical School. David has lectured for commercial companies including Straumann and Astra and on MSc courses. He is a member of the Faculty of Examiners for the Royal College of Surgeons of England.


ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute and Hospital, 24 Furness Quay, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3XZ


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