January 24, 2018




1. Applications

Applications for membership are accepted from registered dental practitioners and dental care professionals.

2. Membership privileges

No member shall enjoy privileges of membership until she/he has paid her/his annual subscription and arrears thereof.

3. Membership shall cease in the following circumstances


    3.1) Resignation

If by notice in writing to the Executive Secretary of the Institute she/he resigns her/his membership

    3.2) If she/he be expelled


4. Membership withdrawal

It shall be the duty of the board if at any time they shall be of the option that the interests of the Institute require notice to invite any member to withdraw from the Institute. The member whose expulsion is under consideration shall be allowed to offer an explanation of her/his conduct in writing. If the majority of the Board shall vote for her/his expulsion, she/he shall cease to be a member of the Institute.

5. Membership category criteria

All registered members of the dental team; dentists, dental technicians, Dental nurses and Hygienists & therapists are eligible to become ordinary member of the BIORD by application. There are three levels of membership for each dental professional group: 1) Membership, 2) Fellowship, 3) Senior Fellowship.

Associate membership is also available to non-dental professions related to dentistry (education or research). Additionally, Commercial membership is available to dental manufacturers or companies.

Fellowship / Senior Fellowship is awarded dental members strictly on demonstration of high levels of professional achievement and/or merit.

6. Membership Subscription


   6.1) Subscription fees


    6.2) Resignation notice

Every notice to resign under rule 3.3.1 shall be deemed, unless expressed otherwise to take effect as from the next Annual General Meeting after the giving of such notice.

    6.3) Lapse of membership

Membership will deemed to have lapsed if current subscriptions are not paid by 12 weeks following the subscription renewal due date. The current fellowship will be considered lapsed at the end of the calendar year following the lapse of subscription dues.